• Cecilia

    I started folowing Julie's classes,because a friend had recommended her program to me. Seeing how quickly I was progressing with just 20min of exercises a day gave me a lot of energy and motivation. In a few weeks my waist size had already slimmed down by 3cm! Most importantly, I felt more fit and started to feel comfortable in my body again, which boosted my confidence. Julie's good humor, the playlists that make us forget that we are making an effort and her benevolent encouragement make pujolage sessions a real moment of pleasure. Thank you Julie :)
  • Clemence

    I've been enjoying lives and all the boxes since the end of March. I used to run 1 hour per week period. I mix lessons and boxes and I'm addicted to it. The lessons are dynamic, the coaching is built and the playlist is crazy. I continue tirelessly! despite my neck compressions, I never had a pain in my neck with the lessons, on the contrary I am doing better !! And I preserve my back. I follow the exercises until the end because relaxation and stretching are rituals that make me feel good. It's intense but the results are fast and stunning.
  • Daphne

    I discovered Julie during confinement. Locked in my apartment in Paris, Julie was my lifeline, she literally brightened up my daily life! I stumbled across one of her live performances with a hybrid booty pilates class and I was totally hooked. I first started with two classes a week then three ... yes because you quickly become addicted to her demanding exercises, the good humor of the beautiful Julie and especially the quick results. Firm, toned skin, back pain that gradually disappears and above all the desire to continue to surpass yourself, let off steam while doing good to your body!
  • Audrey

    Julie's classes were a great discovery for me! I had the opportunity to test his lives during confinement and it became my daily meeting. It is ideal to resume sport gently; we work all parts of the body, and she gives us ways to improve and maintain posture during exercise. What allows me to stay motivated is to see the evolution of my body, and this feeling of well being afterwards. With a smiling and radiant Julie, full of energy, we only want to persevere! So a big thank you to you for accompanying us for several weeks.
  • Coline

    I was looking to start sports after giving birth. I am not at all athletic nor very motivated but Julie knew by her method of Pilates Booty and her other classes to convince me! What I like is the gentleness of Pilates combined with the much more physical gluteal abs exercises. A second baby later I continue to follow Julie's classes diligently, and my body regains its shape.
  • Pauline

    I discovered Julie's classes through the Paname Barre, a class halfway between dance and fitness. Intense and efficient, I immediately loved it! Then, I tested the Pilates Booty classes created by Julie! We work in depth the gluteal muscles, thighs and abdominals. I still have incredible aches afterwards! My physiotherapist has validated all the exercises we do during this class! Julie is bubbly and motivating! His classes combine generosity, humor, kindness, energy and surpassing oneself. I recommend!
  • Douha

    I have never been so firm as since taking julie's class. No muscle is left behind. With her smile and her pretty voice, she makes us want to give the best of ourselves. My posture has improved and I can manage my emotions better. My escape from the stress of the week: this is its course.
  • Karine

    Julie's classes have become a real booster routine of my week! I have the feeling to let off steam by working the "essential" areas thoroughly, but above all by respecting my body. It is the perfect combination for sculpting without damaging it, especially when you want to resume sport after a period of inactivity. After a few months of practice, I feel stronger, more enduring, and I even take pleasure in suffering on the mat ... thank you Julie for giving me back my taste for sport!
  • Carole

    Why do I so assiduously attend Julie's class?!? Because I'm undoubtedly masochistic - it hurts !, because thanks to her I have hope again to have a dream body - like her, but above all because it feels a lot of good and it shows! !! Julie is grace, gentleness, but also motivation and determination. She pushes you to progress sometimes to surpass yourself, but always with this incredible kindness, this smile and this energy which are specific to her!
  • Monica

    For those who want to be fit without taking the lead and having fun while exercising, Julie is the teacher for you! Smiling, funny, inspiring, she follows everyone's progress carefully. Before I started classes, I often had back pain and poor posture. Today, thanks to his Fitness Barre and Pilates Booty classes, I did some sit-ups and I no longer have back pain. Now, I am even told that I am standing straight !!!
  • Bigcheese

    We do everything in pairs, even Julie's classes! Our favorite: fitness ballet. Why ? Because we find it the most fun and complete, but also because the playlist changes every month! We also take all of Julie's other courses to alternate, on average 2 to 3 hours per week, we quickly become addicted! Lucas is the only male representative, the classes are mixed so don't hesitate to come more!
  • Myrtille

    The meeting with Julie Pujols Benoit - quite virtual it is - was a revelation. The level is high ... but despite the intensity, we want more! Julie knows how to make us want to surpass ourselves ... and the results are quickly visible. Julie is undoubtedly the best ambassador of Joseph Pilates who told us about his discipline: “After one session we feel the difference, after ten sessions we see the difference, after twenty sessions, we have a brand new body. There is undeniably a before and an after Julie Pujols Benoit!


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