As a qualified coach in fitness and bodybuilding, and trained in Pilates, I have been teaching for ten years in gym studios across Paris. In addition, I am a freelance well-being, fitness and lifestyle journalist for magazines such as ELLE, Paris Match and Version Fémina. My area of expertise is the ability to help intensely sculpt the body by drawing inspiration from Pilates, weight-training and classical dance.
My rationale?
To design courses accessible to all, regardless of their age and fitness level. I also adapt courses to meet the individual needs of my clients - including those recovering from injury.
My method?
To teach comprehensive classes to tone and refine your body, drawing on pedagogical knowledge and including variations for most exercises.
Why trust me?
I graduated, top of my class, from the BPJEPS - French reference training school to become a coach or sports educator. I then went on to train in Pilates and taught in gyms, training centres, and at people’s homes as a personal trainer. In addition, I worked in adult day care centres. My experience is extensive and varied. I have a proven track record of great results and 100% client satisfaction. As a result, my technical knowledge is robust. I know how to adapt to my audience and my journalistic work allows me to keep abreast of latest scientific and pedagogical developments in the field. I am also aware of new sports and well-being equipment and trends. In addition, I am pioneer of the famous Pilates Booty which utilises abs-glutes in a more intense and fun way – my book Mon Cahier Pilates Booty published by Solar; the Power Pilates, an ingenious mix of full-body muscle strengthening, Pilates and cardio training; the Barre Fitness, a workout which will give you the silhouette of a dancer; the Bodysculpt by Julie, a class to build strength and muscle density while burning many calories; and finally my stretching techniques to become more flexible, learn about breathing and relaxation.


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